Author: Guna Shalini M

Guna Shalini is pursuing her undergraduate degree focused on Electronics and Communication Engineering. She is a passionate student with a key interest in Communication, coding in Java, Mobile Application Development, and Content Writing. Currently, she is working as an Android Application Development Intern at Shiash Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Did we imagine cars to be plugged onto the wall just like our cell phones? Well, Electric cars are making bigger waves in the automobile industry, and there are several options for motorists who want to give up on gas cars than ever before. These vehicles are noise-free, pollution-free, providing high performance and expected to make IC engine counterparts obsolete by around 2025. Though, lot of us still gets confused when it comes to buying Electric or Gas car in 2020. Electric cars had a high time back in the 90’s, but due to a sudden ascend in the production…

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